Living with Diabetes


Living with diabetes is very easy, unfortunately once it has developed diabetes does not go away.In order to successfully manage diabetes, for Control diabeties need to make some changes in lifestyle.

Learning how to monitor and control blood sugar levels can take time, and the threat of serious health problems never goes away.

Coimbatore Diabetes Foundation Teach you and Treat You with Lifestyle Modification

Symptoms of Diabetes

Symptoms of children with diabetes (Type 1)

Like adults, a number of symptoms may give early warning that diabetes has developed.

One or more of the following symptoms may be associated with diabetes:

1)  Thirst

2) Tiredness

3) Weight loss

4) Frequent urination

Amongst children, specific symptoms may include

5) stomach aches,

6) headaches and behavioral problems.

7) Recurrent tummy pains and an unable to explain history of illness should be treated as possible heralds of diabetes.

Symptoms of type 2 diabetes may include:

1) Feeling tired during the day,

2) particularly after meals (fatigue)

3) Often feeling hungry,

4) particularly if you feel hungry shortly after eating

5) Urinating more often than normal,

6) particular needing to do so during the night (polyuria)

7) Feeling abnormally thirsty (polydipsia)

8) Blurred vision

9) Itching of the skin,

10) particularly itchiness around the genitals (genital itchiness)

11) Slow healing of cuts or wounds

12) Having regular yeast infections (thrush)

13) Having a skin disorder

14) Sudden weight loss or loss of muscle mass